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Impacting the Future Generation

Since 1928, Duncan programs have empowered youth with key emotional building blocks and life skills through the sport of yo-yoing. Presented by World Yo-Yo Champions, our Duncan Kidz programs motivate and educate kids inside and outside of the classroom.

Build a Skill


This PE Yo-Yo unit helps develop essential fine motor skills while engaging in overall gross motor skill activities.



The yo-yo is an extraordinary tool that helps children manage stress and anxiety while building self-confidence and expressionism.


The Physics of Yo!

Putting a fun spin to science, students will learn about energy and motion with yo-yos!


Active Classroom

Engage students with one of our streaming presentations or in-classroom activities!


World History Adventure!

From Ancient Greece, Egyptian pyramids and American Presidents to Space Missions, take a trip with us around the World!


After School

Entertain afterschool students with a yo-yo champion performance followed by yo-yo lessons! 


Inspiring Youth for 90 Years with Yo-Yo Fun!!

Interested in starting a program but don't know where to start?

Our fun and friendly staff will help you get off to the right start. 

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