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Welcome to our Class Resource Store

If you wish to implement one of our education lesson plans, simply sign up below to download them for free. We provide yo-yos and other fun gear to teach our lessons at a reduced cost for schools and educators. Want to fundraise with yo-yo's or feature a few as rewards in your Class Dojo award closet? We can help you with that too!

P.E. Build-A-Skill Yo-Yo Class Packs

Our Duncan Build-A-Skill PE Class Packs have everything you need to implement your yo-yo class unit. Through our 90 years of yo-yo experience, we have developed a yo-yo that meets the skill set of each age and grade level. Using the proper yo-yo, kids can successfully develop P.E. skills like hand-eye coordination, reflex speed, hand division, and other fine motor skills. As they develop these skills, students will progress through our trick level award program, which encourages growth and provides a sense of accomplishment.

We also offer an extended version of our Duncan Kidz Build-A-Skill Unit that incorporates other skilled toys. Students can build fine and gross motor skills by participating in unique station challenges ranging from footbags, Kendama, and juggling to hula hoops, sky spinners, and basketballs. Our Duncan Kidz Toy unit is designed with eight stations but can be customized to include the activities of your choice or to be a yo-yo unit only.  

P.E. Yo-Yo Class Set Options

Our yo-yo class packs contain the below equipment and are available in three sizes. Each class pack includes a yo-yo model specific to each grade level needs. Plus, by having a set yo-yo per grade, you can easily change equipment without the hassle of winding up yo-yos or fixing string between classes. Should you need a custom pack, please contact us. 


Small Class Pack

Includes: 36 Total Yo-Yo’s

12 Eagle 1 – Grades K-1

12 Reflex – Grades 2-3

12 Butterfly X.T. – Grades 3-5


Instructor Pro Yo-Yo Kit

100 Extra Strings

Trick Level Testing Cards

Teacher Price $200

Duncan Kidz Extended

Build-A-Skill Class Packs

Call for Pricing. These class packs are customized to your specific class needs. The below is what we suggest for this utilizing our 8 Stations / 4 Kids per station model. 

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