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Express Yourself

Express Yourself!

As the second oldest toy in history, the yo-yo has traveled the world and transformed into a tool that helps develop positive emotional concepts with our youth. Although the purpose of most toys is entertainment, the yo-yo is not your ordinary toy. It is an extraordinary tool that helps children and adults emotionally with things like stress, anxiety, self-expression, and confidence.

As the leader in yo-yos for 90 years, and a partner of Disney® and Scouts, our primary goal is to provide today's youth with an easy to learn sport that promotes positive emotional development, fun, and friendship. 

Our inspiring school programs align with a multitude of emotional development areas.

  • Finding a place to belong

  • Fighting depression

  • Managing ADD and other emotional struggles

  • Reducing overeating and social anxiety

  • Improving focus and academic scores

  • Fostering new social relationships

  • Developing positive self-expressionism

Whether you host one of our school presentations or wish to utilize the yo-yo as a positive counseling tool, we have resources for you! We even have a free yo-yo club where your students can join and earn achievement badges, becoming a part of a sport and team of kids from around the world!

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