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The Physics Of Yo!

The Duncan Physics of Yo is a class unit for 4th - 8th graders to teach them about energy and motion, using a tool that they can understand and master. Each segment deals with physical laws that govern the universe in which we live. The experiments have been designed to demonstrate the application of these laws in a fun way that kids can relate to. Our program covers physical science concepts such as:

  • Potential and Kinetic Energy 

  • Rotational Inertia

  • Transfer of Energy

  • Gravity

  • Newton’s First & Second Law 

  • Friction 

  • Gyroscopic Stability

How It Works

Our yo-yo science lessons simplify basic physics into easy to understand relatable concepts. Students will be motivated to dig deeper and apply these foundational lessons both in the classroom and at home! As a teacher, we encourage you to download and utilize our free science activities. If you wish to incorporate yo-yos during the lesson, we provide yo-yos at discounted school prices so that each child can potentially have their own yo-yo to use during the lesson. 

Programs & Presentations Available Live or by Zoom Video!

Schedule one of our yo-yo champions to do a COOL yo-yo presentation and introduction to the science lesson via a special interactive video presentation or through one of our school assemblies! Our video presentations are a great option with the new COVID-19 guidelines. Your students can meet and talk to a real Yo-Yo Champion via Zoom! Whether you join us from inside your classroom or have students join us from their homes during a class time, we can provide a custom presentation for your needs. 

Free Teaching Resources

Our FREE educational lessons meet current curriculum standards and are available upon request. If you wish to have a presenter come to your school or present via video, please contact us for more information. All our presentation fees are school budget friendly. We even have an option that allows you to use yo-yos as a school or class fundraiser. 

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