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Benefits of Yo-Yo Play

As the second oldest toy in history, the yo-yo has traveled the world and transformed into a tool that helps develop positive emotional concepts with our youth. Although the purpose of most toys is entertainment, the yo-yo is not your ordinary toy. It is an extraordinary tool that helps children and adults emotionally with things like stress, anxiety, self-expression, and confidence. 

As the leader in yo-yos for 90 years, and a partner of Disney® and Scouts, our primary goal is to provide today's youth with an easy to learn sport that promotes positive emotional development, fun, and friendship. Over time we have watched generations of kids pursue yo-yoing as a regular sport. A sport that ultimately helped them improve in their academics, social relationships, and self-expressionism. In addition to emotional brain development, your child also needs to develop overall gross and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are those used to move daily functions like walking, jumping, and throwing a ball. Fine motor skills refer to the coordination of the small muscles in your hands with your eyes. For example, eating, getting dressed, writing, and picking up small objects.

Top 10 Physical and Emotional Benefits of Yo-Yo Play for Kids

  1. Develops hand-eye coordination

  2. Promotes bilateral integration (The ability to use both sides of your body together in a controlled manner)

  3. Expands crossing mid-line function (The ability to reach across the middle of the body with the arms and legs crossing over to the opposite side.)

  4. Builds hand finger strength 

  5. Helps teach hand division

  6. Develops hand dominance and ambidexterity

  7. Improves spatial awareness

  8. Builds concentration

  9. Teaches determination 

  10. Plus, it is a positive activity that a child can carry in their pocket to help fight overeating, anxiety, or nervousness!!

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