World Yo-Yo Adventure

History with a Spin

From Ancient Greece in 440 B.C. to Nasa Space Missions, the yo-yo has traveled through time and transformed from a leisure toy and science instrument to a global sport. Believed to have originated in Greece in 440 B.C., the yo-yo is the second oldest toy.

From artifacts in Egyptian temples, to photographs of King Louis XVII to historical documents from the French Revolution, and Napoleon, yo-yos can be traced throughout history. The yo-yo has even been taken into space aboard the 1985 Space Shuttle Discovery!!

  • Geography Fun – Students can map the journey of the yo-yo 

  • Historical Figures – Use the yo-yo as a relational tool to engage kids in the facts about critical figures like King Louis XVII and Napoleon!

  • American Heritage – Learn about American decades and events from Richard Nixon to Nasa Space Missions.

How it Works

Utilizing the story of the yo-yo, we encourage you to take your students on our journey “around the world” incorporating the yo-yo as a teaching tool. We invite you to use our FREE guide on the history of the yo-yo as one lesson or interweave it throughout your school year lesson plans.

If you wish to use yo-yos during the lesson, we provide yo-yos at discounted school prices so that each child can have their own yo-yo to use in class and/or at home. Put a fun spin to homework assignments!

Programs & Presentations Available Live or by Zoom Video!

Want to surprise your students with a guest history speaker? You can schedule one of our yo-yo champions to do a COOL yo-yo presentation and history talk via a special interactive video presentation or through one of our school assemblies!

Our video presentations are a great option with COVID-19 operating restrictions. Students can now meet and talk to a real Yo-Yo Champion via Zoom! Whether you join us from inside your classroom or have students join us from their homes during a class time, we can provide a custom presentation for your needs. 

Free Teaching Resources

Our lesson plans are FREE. If you wish to have a presenter come to your school or present via video, please contact us for more information. We offer both fundraising and school friendly fee options for all our presentations.