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Professional Development 

Welcome to the Duncan Yo-Yo University

If you are a teacher, camp counselor, afterschool instructor, or youth activity leader, you can now learn how to teach yo-yo play as a fun, skilled toy activity and class unit through our Yo-Yo University webinars, seminars, and in-service teacher training opportunities

Learn a New Skill! Become an Expert!

In each of our courses, you will learn how to teach and implement our yo-yo skill building unit or educational lessons in your classes or youth group. Once you complete our course, you will be able to lead your kids through our yo-yo trick level program. Plus, you will be able to engage your students with a fun tool that motivates them to learn more about history and science.

Our trick-level youth program is based on five levels of play. Your kids will be challenged to complete each level, earning accomplishment badges as they progress. As a history or science teacher, you can challenge your students to also learn about a historical figure or science concept with each level in order to receive the badge. It’s free for youth to play and fun to learn!

Course Certification Fee & Enrollment Options

Each webinar course is broken down into levels and educational topics. Our courses prepare you to teach different yo-yo skills according to the grade level of your students. We offer three levels of courses; however, you can start teaching immediately after completing our Introductory Course. Completing our intermediate and graduate courses are optional. We also offer lectures via webinar or seminar format covering our history, science and counseling programs.

  • Yo-Yo University Introductory Course: Levels 1 -3

  • Intermediate Course: Level 3 - Advanced 

  • Graduate Course: Master Level + Pro Instructor Certification – Coming Soon! 

  • World History Adventure Program

  • The Physics of Yo! Science Program

  • Express Yourself! Counseling Program

When you register for one of our courses, you will receive the following course materials and equipment:

  • Duncan Pro Yo-Yo Kit – Includes two professional yo-yo’s, string, oil, sports tape, and additional pro accessories. You will need these to teach any of our programs. (Retail value $25)

  • One complimentary follow up 30-minute video help session with one of our Pro’s

  • Receive an extra 10% off plus free shipping on any Duncan gear and teaching resources

  • You will also receive access to updated course materials, professional development videos, and more.

Course Dates

To learn more about our upcoming course dates and program options, contact us now! 

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