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The Physics Of Yo!

The Physics of Yo! Science Program

The Duncan Physics of Yo is a class unit for 4th - 8th graders to teach them about energy and motion, using a tool that they can understand and master. Each segment deals with physical laws that govern the universe in which we live. The experiments have been designed to demonstrate the application of these laws in a fun way that kids can relate to. Our program covers physical science concepts such as:

  • Potential and Kinetic Energy 

  • Rotational Inertia

  • Transfer of Energy

  • Gravity

  • Newton’s First & Second Law 

  • Friction 

  • Gyroscopic Stability

How the Program Works

Do you want to learn more about this lesson plan and/or want one of our Yo-Yo Champions to visit your school! Download our lesson plans below and get started today! Our lesson plans are fun and free. Plus, they meet current curriculum standards! If you wish to have a yo-yo champion present at your school or meet your students via Zoom, that is an additional option. To learn more simply fill out our contact form below and we will be in touch soon!!

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