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World Yo-Yo Adventure

History with a Spin

From Ancient Greece in 440 B.C. to Nasa Space Missions, the yo-yo has traveled through time and transformed from a leisure toy and science instrument to a global sport. Believed to have originated in Greece in 440 B.C., the yo-yo is the second oldest toy.

From artifacts in Egyptian temples to photographs of King Louis XVII to historical documents from the French Revolution, and Napoleon, yo-yos can be traced throughout history. The yo-yo has even been taken into space aboard the 1985 Space Shuttle Discovery!!

  • Geography Fun – Students can map the journey of the yo-yo 

  • Historical Figures – Use the yo-yo as a relational tool to engage kids in the facts about critical figures like King Louis XVII and Napoleon!

  • American Heritage – Learn about American decades and events from Richard Nixon to Nasa Space Missions.

How the Program Works

Do you want to learn more about this lesson plan and/or want one of our Yo-Yo Champions to visit your school! Download our lesson plans below and get started today! Our lesson plans are fun and free. If you wish to have a yo-yo champion present at your school or meet your students via Zoom, that is an additional option. To learn more simply fill out our contact form below and we will be in touch soon!!

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