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Active Classroom

Yo-Yo Fun While Learning

If you think our educational lessons are AWESOME, you may wish to invite one of our Yo-Yo Pro's to meet your students and engage them on a higher level! We provide the opportunity for your students to sit down and talk with our Yo-Yo Champions via Zoom! 

Students will be introduced to the educational lesson you choose starting with a really COOL yo-yo show. Once, our Pro dazzles them with their impressive yo-yo feats, they will introduce them to the basic concepts in the lesson. Following this, your students will have an opportunity to ask questions directly to the Yo-Yo Pro. 

This is a great option that students can participate in whether they are in the school classroom or at-home learning!

How it Works

We offer a variety of fee and no fee (FREE) options for schools and youth organizations to participate in an Active Classroom Zoom session. We can customize our zoom sessions to meet your class time requirements. Generally, our sessions run about 20 minutes. You can even choose which of our Yo-Yo Champions to do the Zoom session with including inviting two different Champions on the Zoom call! 

For more information on costs and how you can schedule an Active Classroom session, email us now!

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