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After School

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Our afterschool programs revolve around fun and physical activity. Students will be entertained and dazzled with cool yo-yo tricks and inspiring stories from our Yo-Yo Champs. Following our yo-yo show, each child will get a yo-yo to use and partake in our skill-building class. In addition, staff can continue with our yo-yo skill-building activity via our FREE online yo-yo trick lessons.

Supporting Youth Leaders with a Free Club

Yo-yoing is a fun new sport that you can take anywhere in your pocket or backpack! After our visit, your students will be inspired to continue learning yo-yo skills and possibly become the next yo-yo champion.

Duncan strives to offer a sport that any child can participate in while making new friends from around the world. Students can register online or via our "Duncan Toys" app to join our free trick learning and skill-building club. They will have access to free instructional trick videos and even be able to earn cool badges as they build their skills! Afterschool coordinators can play these videos inside the afterschool area, set up yo-yo play zones, and even appoint one of their staff members to be the club leader. To help prepare a staff member to lead and instruct a yo-yo club, we provide training sessions via webinars.  

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