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Family Fun Activities

At-Home Activities

Duncan® has developed a program that is great for the entire family, adults included. From free online yo-yo tutorials to a family yo-yo contest, our programs will inspire them to start a new sport. You may even find your inner child again and dust off your childhood yo-yo!

Go back to the basics and share some of your best childhood memories with your family by starting with our free online yo-yo lessons. Our tutorials taught by actual yo-yo champions feature multiple tricks divided into five trick levels. For each trick level completed, your child can earn cool achievement patches. 

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Put a New Spin to Your Next Family Game Night

Take a trip back to your childhood and show off your yo-yo skills to your kids! With our new Family Yo-Yo Contest guide, you can compete against your kids and maybe even increase your cool factor! Will Dad be better at Walking the Dog or Mom?

Implementing our Family Yo-Yo Contest could not be easier. Each participant just needs a yo-yo. Contestants line up against a wall and step forward into a designated box to attempt each trick. Hold your contest in the living room, game room, or outside.

Once your family masters their skills, challenge your neighbors from across the street! Our family yo-yo contest is a fun activity that allows for social interaction but at a safe distance of six feet or greater. Plus, you do not share typical game pieces or equipment.

For a complete list of rules and tricks, download our Free Family Yo-Yo Contest Guide here.

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