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P.E. Build-A-Skill Yo-Yo Unit

Our program is not just a yo-yo show; it is a hands-on skill-building activity that instills positive emotional concepts with physical education benefits. K-8 grade students can learn fun yo-yo tricks that help develop essential fine motor skills while engaging in overall gross motor skill activities. Putting a spin to traditional yo-yo play, our program focuses on building skills like hand-eye coordination, bilateral integration, hand division, crossing the mid-line and more! Read more...


The Physics of Yo! Science Program

The Duncan Physics of Yo is a class unit for 5th - 7th graders to teach them about energy and motion, using a tool that they can understand and master. Each segment deals with physical laws that govern the universe in which we live. The experiments have been designed to demonstrate the application of these laws in a fun way that kids can relate to. Our program covers nine physical science concepts including potential and kinetic energy, rotational inertia, friction and gyroscopic stability. Read more...


History with a Spin

From Ancient Greece in 440 B.C. to Nasa Space Missions, the yo-yo has traveled through time and transformed from a leisure toy and science instrument to a global sport. Believed to have originated in Greece in 440 B.C., the yo-yo is the second oldest toy. Our World History Adventure allows students to learn about Egyptian artifacts, King Louis XVII, Napoleon, American figures like Richard Nixon and the 1985 Space Shuttle Discovery mission. Read more...



As the second oldest toy in history, the yo-yo has traveled the world and transformed into a tool that helps develop positive emotional concepts with our youth. Although the purpose of most toys is entertainment, the yo-yo is not your ordinary toy. It is an extraordinary tool that helps children and adults emotionally with things like stress, anxiety, self-expression, and confidence.

As the leader in yo-yos for 90 years, and a partner of Disney® and Scouts, our primary goal is to provide today's youth with an easy to learn sport that promotes positive emotional development, fun, and friendship. In addition, our inspiring school programs align with a multitude of emotional development areas including fighting depression, managing ADD and reducing overeating. Read more...​​

Professional Development


Yo-Yo University Webinar

If you are a teacher, camp counselor, afterschool instructor, or a youth activity leader, you can now learn how to teach yo-yo play as a fun, skilled toy activity and class unit through our Yo-Yo University webinar, seminars and in-service teacher training opportunities. Read more...

Class Resource Store

Our class resource store has everything you need to implement your yo-yo class unit. Not only do we have a yo-yo that meets the skill set of each age and grade level, we also offer a number of other skilled toy and fun gear for you to teach with. Read more... 

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