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Noel Kunz

Beginning yoyoing in 2003, Noel Kunz has spread his love for the art across the country, performing at festivals, concerts, and even making an appearance on PBS, as well as formerly having a weekly show at Disney World. A 4-time World Finalist and a Florida State 5A Champion, Noel has made it his life's goal to show people of all generations that through hard work and passion, even a yo-yo can take you to new heights. Noel Kunz is a professional Yo-yo entertainer who aims to inspire audiences of all ages to live their dreams through hard work, and fun! If he can make his dream come true with a yo-yo, anything is possible!

One fantastic player to watch in action, Sean is a key player on our team, giving off string yo-yo tricks a new attitude. Below are just a few of his infinite list of titles and career highlights.


4x AP Division World Finalist

2x Kollaboration Champion

2015 Florida State Champion

Season 3 America's Got Talent

Appeared on PBS's The Friday Zone

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