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Reducing Your Child’s Video Game & TV Time with Yo-Yo Play

Why Yo-Yoing is one of the best non-elect

Over the last few years, we have seen a growing concern about the number of hours our children are in front of electronics and how much they are exposed to "screen time". With families unexpectedly stuck at home, there is an added need for activities that reduce their screen time while delivering either educational or physical health benefits.

With over 90 years of experience entertaining kids with yo-yo play and other skilled toys, we are experts at activities that keep kids engaged. This cross-generational toy allows children to have fun while improving fine motor skills and emotional concepts like hand-eye coordination, hand dexterity, self-confidence, and concentration. It can even be used as a tool to help fight over-eating, anxiety and lack of determination.

Children can use their imagination to walk the dog and take a trip around the world to see the Eiffel tower. We encourage parents and children to get creative during their yo-yo activities and involve the entire family. Much like a family game night, your family can hold weekly yo-yo contests in the living room or yard with our family contest guide.

Are you looking for a fun way to teach a science or history lesson? Try using a yo-yo to teach science concepts like rotational inertia, mass distribution and friction. Or engage your child with a history research project about the origins of the yo-yo which has been traced back to 440 B.C. Chart a course around the world and learn about various countries as you follow the yo-yo through time and into space!

To add to all the fun, we have a free yo-yo club and trick completion program in which your child can earn badges of achievement as they build their skills. Not only will they find a new sport they can play at home they may also make new friends from all over the world.

Visit us online at or follow us on Facebook @DuncanToys to get your child plugged into this world sport! We feature free tutorials and all the yo-yo gear you need to get started. Use Family25 to receive 25% off any orders.

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